Beech Phytophthora in the Greater Philadelphia AreaBeech Phytophthora is a pathogen that is genetically similar to water molds, thus it tends to develop quickly in areas of high moisture content. In fact, the recent weather in Chester County has enabled the pathogen to thrive. Phytophthora is found in several types of trees, but often in this area European Beech trees are found infected.

The beech tree will start to show signs of the outer bark dying and will expose evidence of decay of the inner bark. Also, the tree will develop bleeding cankers that ooze a brown or black liquid on the lower section of the stem. This can lead to root loss and canopy decline resulting in the death of the tree.

Preservation Tree is fully equipped to handle Phytophthora. Call today to schedule a consultation if you suspect this problem.

*Please note that Beech Phytophthora only affects European Beech, not American.

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