leaves-1363766_1920You probably don’t think much about the trees and shrubs in your yard unless there is a problem, but investing in the general care of your trees now can save hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road if trees need to be removed or replaced.

Why do trees need fertilizer?

Trees and shrubs in our suburban/urban landscape cannot benefit from the environment like their counterparts living in the forest.  Organisms living within the forest floor break down organic material, such as leaves and fallen branches, providing nutrients to the surrounding trees.  Our landscape trees miss out on those benefits because we often haul away leaves and debris in our quest for a neat, clean yard. Without proper nutrition from the surrounding soil, trees and shrubs will not grow to their fullest potential.  Much like you would take a multivitamin, the health of your trees can be dramatically improved with fertilization.

Why the fall?

Contrary to popular belief, fall is the best time to fertilize your trees and shrubs in order to combat winter stress. Although the trees are starting to lose their leaves and become dormant for the winter, the roots will take the nutrients from the soil and apply them to important health-promoting functions, such as disease resistance and root development. Excess nutrients are stored in the roots and will become immediately available when needed for new growth in spring.  Fall fertilization can also help to repair trees suffering from drought stress following particularly hot and dry summer seasons.  Trees that are subjected to drought stress have drastically lower resistance to opportunistic infections and insects than healthy, vigorously growing trees.

Are all fertilizers the same?

Every region has its own unique soil characteristics and nutrient needs.  Trees in your backyard may even have different needs than your neighbor’s trees depending on soil quality. Extensive research and development at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories in Charlotte, NC has yielded BOOST Natural Fertilizer, the only naturally-based, organic fertilizer that has been proven effective for supplying nutrients in a single application. This slow-release fertilizer produces a gradual release of nutrients similar to what happens in nature and contains no harsh chemicals or phosphorous making it environmentally friendly.  

Since every situation is different, we will assess the health and needs of your landscape trees and shrubs and outline a plan to keep them healthy regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. 


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