trees in yardIt’s without a doubt that trees produce benefits for the environment, but did you know they can also increase your property value? We all know from 8th-grade biology that trees filter the air by absorbing harmful gasses, such as CO2. Trees also decrease heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars per year by providing shade. Additionally, trees offer protection from the effects of the wind, the sun, and rain and also act as a sound barrier from traffic and neighbors.

As the population of the greater Philadelphia area grows, trees throughout the area have become increasingly more sparse. While we are aware of the environmental benefits of trees, many homeowners may not know that trees can also add value to one’s property. Therefore, it is important that homeowners plan to obtain the highest value for their property as they plant and/or remove trees.

By consulting a certified arborist, maximizing your property value is simple. The professionals in the industry have set up guidelines for the valuation of trees and shrubs which are known by the IRS, insurance companies, and the courts. The four main factors in the valuation of trees are size, species, condition, and location. As size and age increase, the value of the tree also increases, so it is important to keep up on routine tree maintenance to ensure the tree remains healthy. Hardy, durable, and highly adaptable tree species also have a higher value. Hiring an arborist to identify the species of the tree can save homeowners from mistakenly removing desirable trees. Professionals will also be able to inspect the trunk, branches, roots, and buds to assess the value of the tree given its general health. Besides the tree itself, the location of the tree can influence its value. For instance, a free-standing tree can be worth more than a tree in a group. Similarly, a tree adjacent to a house tends to be worth more than a tree in the woods. These factors can be quantified for insurance reasons, court testimonies, or even tax deductions.

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