Natural Lands RestorationPreservation Tree believes in creating a sustainable landscape by natural land restoration. In the interest of biodiversity, it has become imperative that we reintroduce native plants to our landscapes to sustain the lower levels of the food chain. With encroachment by urbanization, our native species have been pushed to the brink. Native plants support countless species of insects, birds, and mammals. Not only are they easy to maintain and drought-tolerant, native species also provide aesthetic beauty.

Unfortunately, many of our landscapes and wooded areas have become choked and overgrown with invasive species. Preservation Tree can help you maintain your landscape by eliminating invasives and re-establishing native populations. Our comprehensive programs can help you steward your own corner of the ecosystem. Call today for a free consultation and start on the path of being a responsible steward.

Below is an example of an invasive thinning project. The photo at left displays a forest lot choked with invasive Norway Maples. The photo at right displays the finished project revealing many interesting natives, including Black Gum, Tulip Poplar, and Walnut.

PA Invasive Plants
PA Invasive Plant Species Thinning

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