tree removalHiring an arborist should be a serious consideration for most homeowners. A certified arborist has the expertise to properly plant, care for, and maintain individual trees and small forests.

Correct and continual tree care is a growing concern and a wise investment. Hiring an arborist can not only help improve the attractiveness to a property’s landscape but also homes with well-manicured trees, especially in Chester County, have added value due to proper tree care. Trees that lack the necessary attention can be dangerous and may cause unwanted damage. Because of the hazards of poor maintenance, these trees should be rehabilitated or removed by a certified arborist that has had safety training and needed equipment to take care of the particular issue.

For an arborist to become certified, three years of field experience or a formal degree and high level of understanding of tree care must be achieved. This achievement is the result of passing a comprehensive exam written by leading experts in tree care industry. Continuing education credits are required to ensure that each arborist remains knowledgeable of new techniques and continues to keep the Code of Ethics in reference. To find a certified arborist in your area, consult the International Society of Arboriculture.

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